Domestic Solar Solutions

No matter which way your house is facing, energy prices are going north. Demand is increasing, resources are dwindling. It’s time for a rethink about your energy needs. The Sun gives us more than enough solar energy to power everything we do, the whole world over. We’re just happy to start with you… Unless you plan on living for the next 5 billion years, the sun’s energy is endless. We just have to tap it. Recently, solar panel prices have dropped dramatically and rapid advances in storage give you more power flexibility than ever before. More and more people are looking for sustainable ways of cutting their living costs and protecting the environment for future generations.

We’re accredited by, and follow the codes of all the industry’s leading organizations, AREP - Association for Renewable Energy Practitioners and SAESA - South African Energy Storage Association.

Commercial Solar Solutions

Save money, save the environment and improve your reputation. Solar PV with storage turns your roof space or unused land into an asset actively working to cut your overheads. It reduces your reliance on the national grid and makes a big dent in your company’s carbon footprint. Sustainability is increasingly becoming a major factor in consumer purchasing decisions and successful tender procurement for large contracts. With little or no red tape (planning permission is rarely required), low maintenance and the highest return of all renewables, Solar PV & storage is the natural choice for businesses looking to secure their energy independence.

Going solar with Lubbers Group Solar is fast and easy. Site visits take around 1.5 hours and you’ll get a detailed quotation within 2 working days.