AIn less than two hours, the sun delivers more energy than we use in a year. Clean, limitless energy that can change everything. Together we can unleash that power and transfer power from the old and tired electricity giants into our own hands.

About Us

Our goal is to help our customers achieve energy independence, save money on energy and set an example for a green and sustainable future. LGS Solar stands for “Quality, Value and Integrity” providing quality products at competitive prices.

We have a long-standing reputation for the excellent relationships we build with our customers and manufacturers, for our industry knowledge, expertise, and quality of service.

Every day, thousands of South Africans shop for clean energy products and energy-saving solutions, and thousands of companies look for well-qualified customers to connect with. But the process is often complex, expensive, and intimidating. LGS Solar eliminates this by working directly with our customers.

From solar systems and batteries to heat pumps and electric vehicles, we recognize the impact that clean energy products and energy-saving solutions will have on our future. We‘re committed to safeguarding our environment and creating clean energy solutions and resources that are available to everyone as we embark on a global energy transformation.

At LGS Solar, we’ve worked hard to build a supportive, team-based culture that inspires our employees to support both our partners’ and dealers’ short-term and long-term growth. Solar is ever changing, and we are committed to evolving with the industry. We motivate our employees to not only excel within their departments, but to search for new ways to advance within their field.

We are trailblazers in driving positive change through solar energy. Our mission is to provide market-leading solutions with a focus on customer understanding and technical expertise. We design each project to meet our client's unique energy needs and use the latest technology to ensure the best options. Our team is highly qualified and dedicated to excellence, efficiency, and making a real impact toward a brighter future. We believe that collaboration and contribution are the key to a sustainable future and we're eager to partner with you to lead the way in South Africa. Join us in helping move power back into the hands of the people!