About Solar power

South Africa has a unique natural advantage as we get a lot of sunshine which can be harvested and used as a renewable energy source such as solar photovoltaic. Solar power systems have become an important alternative to buying conventional electricity from the grid. Even though it may not completely remove our reliance on the grid, however, it can certainly replace a large amount of what we need to purchase from the electricity retailer. The installation of a solar system at your home or business will reduce your monthly electricity bills while helping you in being part of the sustainable movement. Electricity costs make up a large portion of monthly expenses for homeowners and businesses alike. With solar energy, you will generate free power for the system’s entire lifecycle. Unlike fossil fuels such as coal and oil that emit toxic fumes, solar energy provides clean and sustainable power. A typical 5kW solar system installation is as effective as planting over 80 trees annually and reduces 8 tons of greenhouse gas annually. Solar systems are a great investment. With substantial electricity bill savings every month. Solar systems are smart, risk-free investments that promise high returns.

About lubbers group solar

Lubbers Group Solar is a Nationwide Accredited Solar System Developer and Installer based in Paarl, Western Cape. Whether it’s a residential or commercial Solar system you are looking for, we have the Green Team for you. Here at Lubbers Group Solar, we are passionate about creating a sustainable future and believe that Solar Energy plays a key part in achieving that. As a family-run company, we are committed to making Solar Energy accessible and affordable to all. At Lubbers Group Solar, we are a team of dedicated staff and motivated management.

We sell the industry's most advanced solar systems and high-quality solar energy systems for homes and businesses. Our innovative and clean process presents an impressive range of solar solutions that not just promises optimal performance but also maximum savings. We push the boundaries of solar power, delivering efficiency and reliability that power up the positive change in the lives of people and create a cleaner and more sustainable environment.

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of what we do, and this leads to our transparent business policies keeping in view the sustainability part to its core. Our company policy is to operate honestly, responsibly, and sustainably. At Lubbers Group Solar, we are super excited about the future and work towards supplying quality products, services, and advice for all your solar energy needs. We hope to make solar energy available to everyone at the best prices. We assess customer requirements for clean solar energy and provide tailor-made solutions.


Our Mission

We believe that renewable energy hybrid systems will play a key role in providing sustainable power to the metropolitan and remote regions around the world. Through research and development and implementation of innovative solutions we will contribute to all communities the capacity to have sustainable power solutions for the future. 


Our Promise

Lubbers Group Solar will continue to provide ground breaking renewable energy to the Western, Easter and Northern Cape of South Africa, reducing our customers carbon footprint, This drive has led us to become the most trusted Western Cape based solar installer.